The BWB Biothèque Wallonie Bruxelles provides a tool supporting scientific research in the biomedical field.
The biobanks exist to supply high-quality anonymized samples and data to registered scientists/researchers or students.

The samples are available to all researchers for health-related research that is in the public interest, without preferential or exclusive access for any person.

Applications to use the samples will be checked to ensure that research proposals are consistent with these Access Procedures and the Ethical committee, and the consent that was provided by the participants (including having relevant scientific and ethics approval).

Access to the biological samples that are limited and depletable will be carefully controlled and coordinated. The quantity of sample that is required will be judged against the potential benefits of the research project, with advice from appropriate experts as required.

Safeguards will be maintained to help ensure the anonymity and confidentiality of participant's data and samples. Student's responsible will enter a legal agreement with the biobank not to make any attempt to identify participants, and data and/or samples provided to scientists/researchers or students from the Biobanks will not identify any particular participant.

You will be asked to cover the cost related to the collection, storage, processing and services for the proposed research, you have to check this point with your work's responsible.

Scientists/researchers and students granted access to the samples will be required to publish their findings and return their results to the biobank so that they are available for other researchers to use for health-related research that is in the public interest.